Vintage Christmas Part 1

"It's the most wonderful time of the year..." - that's at least what Andy Williams said in his same-named Christmas classic. With crowded Christmas markets, masses of people in the streets hectically searching for the greatest presents and  constantly decreasing temperatures it sometimes seems more and more difficult to believe in that.

Let us try to escape from the pre-Christmas-stress just for a few harmonical moments and to sweeten our lives in a wonderful festive kind of way.

Vintage "Wichteln" (Secret Santa)

Already for the fourth time, the lovely Marina from meinvorgestern is hosting a vintage Secret Santa exchange. Vintage lovers can sign in until December 4 and then get the address of another one to give a present to him or her by mail. Whether this present is bought, cooked or handmade doesn't matter, but it should be chosen with love.


Unfortunately I am not sure if it is possible to participate from other countries than Germany and could also not find any current initiatives outside.

But you can ask her and get all information here:

Ginsual warming pleasures: the mulled gin

Almost uncontested mulled wine belongs to the Advent season and each Christmas market visit. But recently I tripped over a recipe via Motion Cooking for an equally coridally warm and tipsing alternative.

Me, the always shivering, gin-loving Nacktigall, already heard a promising melody in the title.

So now I'd love to present here the recipe to brew my new favorite magic potion, the mulled gin.



1 litre naturally cloudy apple juice

one orange

one small ginger tuber

2  cinnamon sticks

5  cloves

3  pc. star anise

(of course) gin, at will


The zests of the orange (the outer layer of the skin) have to be peeled off and put in a pot together with the juice of the orange and the apple juice. Now we add the ginger, chopped to thin slices, the cinnamon, the anise and the cloves. Heat everything up carefully (better not until boiling).

At last , fill your guest's and your glasses with gin at will and just dash it with your heated punch.

Et voilà.

The Christmas film classic - A Christmas Carol

"A Christmas Carol in Prose" - often only known as A Christmas Carol, is one of the most famous works of the English writer Charles Dickens. It was published in 1843 the first time and has been made into a film countless times since then. It tells us the story of the grumpy moneylender Ebenezer Scrooge who is haunted by some ghosts in a Christmas night, trying to show him a better way of living.

I won't tell you more about it - you darlings are able to watch it yourselves.

Take some time out and get charmed by the first sound film version of "Scrooge - A Christmas Carol" from 1935.


Scrooge - A Christmas Carol, 1935 (English original version)

This is only the first part of my Christmas advices, but I also would like to ask you:

What are your personal Christmas rituals, punch recipes and favorite films?

I am so looking forward to your tube mail to!

Wanna share?

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